Broadband survey results published

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The results of an Aberdeenshire-wide survey on broadband have shown that there is an over-whelming demand for improved provision in the area.

Aberdeenshire Council has already agreed to contribute up to £18million to improve broadband services in the area but must provide evidence of demand from residents and businesses

Survey postcards were sent to every address in the area, with a total of 12,000 being returned, more than four times the normal response rate for mail shot campaigns.

The survey showed that 98.6% of current subscribers expressed an interest in subscribing to a faster service, confirming that there is unsatisfied demand for better broadband connectivity throughout Aberdeenshire.

In addition, 81% of subscribers without access to broadband said that they would be interested in subscribing to a broadband service if one was available while almost 1,000 people who don’t currently subscribe to a service stated that they would be interested in subscribing to a faster service.

Aberdeenshire Council is prioritising reducing the digital divide through targeting some £16m on providing a better than 2Mbps service to those who may not receive this based on current Scottish Government plans.

In addition, the council will invest £2million alongside Aberdeen City Council towards superfast broadband services around the western boundary of Aberdeen and Westhill.