BrewDog on the lookout for potential Toon bar

BrewDog 's plant in Ellon
BrewDog 's plant in Ellon

Ellon-based beer company BrewDog is looking to open a new bar in Peterhead thanks to support from local investors.

The firm has a total of 214 ‘Equity Punk’ investors from within the Peterhead area with the town becoming the first area to breach the 200-mark that doesn’t have a BrewDog bar.

Brewdog explained on a blog post posted on Friday that: “Aside from the other amazing benefits of becoming an Equity Punk one of the lesser known advantages is our undertaking that if 200 new Equity Punks invest from the same town or city, if it doesn’t already have a BrewDog bar then we will endeavour to open one there within the next twelve months of reaching our target, or the closing of the offer if we get there early.”

BrewDog will look for buildings currently on the market that can be transformed into a modern bar for their Equity Punks.

Future plans could see the firm create a bar at Inverurie, which currently has 165 Equity for Punks IV shareholders.

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