Big attendance from business community in the Blue Toon

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PETERHEAD businessmen joined forces with the independent councillor candidates in a private meeting held recently.

More than 40 local businesses turned out to attend the meeting in the town centre.

The Buchanie was told that local businessmen called for the meeting to be held to hear what improvements the independent candidates felt they could make in the Peterhead.

Café Rio owner Stuart Duncan was present at the meeting. He said: “In the 22 years I have been in business in the town it has been slowly brought down to its knees. The independent candidates have a lot of new ideas for the town. The shops have been slowly boarded up over the years.”

Mr Duncan added: “It is terrible to say but I go to Union Square myself most weekends with the kids as there is nothing for them to do in the town. It’s like a ghost town.”

Entrepreneur and independent candidate Alan Gardiner, who was present at the meeting, commented: “There is a strong feeling that businesspeople can attract other business people. A lot of the businesses were saying there is nothing for them to do with their children in the town. The biggest feeling is to regenerate the centre and un- pedestrianise it. Many business owners told me at the meeting that if the situation does not change in the town centre in the next four years, then they will be forced to leave Peterhead.”