Applications for new home and new turbine granted

At last week’s Buchan Area Committee meeting, Aberdeenshire councillors gave the go ahead for a 67 metre turbine near Maud, and an unusually designed home in Inverugie.

The decision whether or not to accept the wind turbine proposal for the Gowkhill site had been held over to give the councillors a chance to visit the site.

Despite director of infrastructure services Stephen Archer’s recommendation to refuse the application, the turbine plans were agreed by seven votes to three.

SNP councillor for Central Buchan Jim Ingram said: “I’m not the greatest supporter of turbines in general but there is a place for them.”

Cllr Ingram’s motion to grant the application was seconded by SNP councillor for Peterhead North and Rattray Fiona McRae.

The committee also granted an application for a large new house in Inverugie.

Again the recommendation of Mr Archer was to refuse the proposals.

A report from Mr Archer expressed concerns about the disjointed style of the design but Independent councillor for Peterhead North and Rattray Alan Gardiner, who lives in Inverugie, threw his weight behind the plans.

Cllr Gardiner said: “I felt this was an application we should be supporting and going for a visit has not changed my mind.

“I would have to take umbridge with the planner’s objections.

“I think it is a good design and that the house fits the area well.”

Cllr Gardiner’s motion to green light the house was passed 10 votes to two.

Finally, an application for a new house adjacent to The Allotments in Fetterangus was deferred for a site visit.