Application for 35 houses in New Deer refused

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An application to build 35 new houses at a development in New Deer was refused today due to layout concerns regarding roads.

The site adjacent to Fordyce Terrace was refused by the Buchan Area Committee this morning with concerns raised by both councillors and council planners.

Alan Davidson, Aberdeenshire Council Infrastructure Services Planner, said: “Our main issue is roads.”

Mr Davidson stated that “every four houses needs a parking space for visitors” which was not included in the current plan.

The Council Planner also stated that certain house types had “deficient car parking,” counting 10 in the current plan.

Mr Davidson then put it to the council that the application was “up for refusal on road issues”.

One of the main issues concerning the roads is the three separate cul-de-sacs that make up the area which would require vehicles, including refuse trucks, to make 3-point-turns to exit the site.

Mr Davidson said: “We much prefer to see that there is inter-connectivity between these three cul-de-sacs.”

Architect Ryan Urquhart, who helped design the plan on behalf of Eddie Hosie Property, refuted the claims made by the Planning officer.

Mr Urquhart also said that cul-de-sacs were prominent features in New Deer and that the plan would “retain the character of the area.”

Jim Ingram, Councillor for central Buchan, also raised concerns about the roads.

Councillor Ingram said: “I’m fully in favour of developments taking place in the village as well as other villages.”

But he continued on to say that the current development could hurt the area.

Councillor Ingram said: “We could have had a far better master plan for the area.

“We are really in danger of getting the worst for the community as a result.”

He added: “I have got genuine concerns about roads.”

The application was then refused on those grounds.