Amity star Jimmy ready to 
make fresh waves in TV world

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PETERHEAD skipper Jimmy Buchan could be heading back to our television screens in another fishing series.

The star of the BBC’s ‘Trawlermen’ revealed to the Buchanie last week that a new fishing programme could be on the cards – this time commissioned by Channel 4.

Jimmy, right, said: “I was contacted by a media company with a view to doing a new series – not Trawlermen, but in a similar vein, and this time from Channel 4.

“It has not been fully commissioned yet, but a cameraman will be coming away with me in the next couple of weeks on a ‘recce’ shoot to see if a new series is possible.

“I have met the people from the company and they are very excited about the whole idea.

“They asked me what they should be covering and I gave them a raft of things that they should be looking at.

“It’s been five years since we last filmed Trawlermen and in our industry things have moved on dramatically.

“People have left us and new faces have joined and fishermen have been burdened with a whole new regime of rules and regulations,” he said.

Jimmy said as well as taking a trip aboard his vessel, Amity II, the cameraman would be filming around the harbour area.

“The company will just be taking a fresh look at things and I really think we can work with them,” he said.

“Obviously a series still has to be commissioned, but hopefully this raw footage will be enough for them to go ahead.

“These people are amazed that there are fish in the sea because all the reports they see suggest otherwise. That to me is one of the driving points for this new series.

“Hopefully we can prove that our seas are healthy and being fished sustainably and people need to eat fish!” he added.