A range of services under the one roof

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AUCTION IT 4 U, one of Peterhead’s latest additions to Marischal Street, is offering the public a range of services, focusing on helping you sell unwanted items.

The new retail shop, which follows the concept of your traditional eBay shop allows people to make a pound of two on their unwanted items, and is especially beneficial for people who aren’t confident in using online shopping and computers.

Business mentor Gordon Mackay, who helped with the initial set up of the Auction it 4 U concept, said: “Research proves that some people are uncomfortable with the commitment they have to make to websites and online shopping with setting up paypal accounts etc.

“The Auction it 4 U shop allows them to have the experience of people bidding for their items but without the worry and extra fees websites charge. We charge a small fee if a sale is made and if not sold, the item is simply returned.”

The shop has also given local businesses the chance to promote their products in a retail environment, and includes photography, art, fashion accessories, cooking equipment and toys. The owners of the businesses also take their share in manning the shop voluntarily.

One of the most exciting element of the Auction it 4 U shop is the Capture it 4 U service they provide.

Gordon explained: “I can guarantee that readers will have old video tapes, whether it be family videos or wedding videos, that they want converted to DVD to treasure the special memories, and this is something we can do for them.

“We can convert vinyls, analogue media, VHS and other media types to up to date DVDs or CDs, as well as keeping them on file for when the next type of technology comes out!”

One of the businesses, Pinokio, run by Bianka Laidlaw sells a variety of traditional wooden toys, and the shop is currently looking into having play parties, which nurseries or playgroups could attend, so are asked to get in touch.

If you have an interesting quality item that you wish to sell, visit the Auction it 4 U shop at 18 Marischal Street for some friendly advice from a member of staff or manager Natalie Zeindler-Way, or call 01779 481212.