10-year celebrations for businesswoman Connie

10-year triumph: Connie celebrates 10 years in business this weekend. Pitcure: Carla Duthie
10-year triumph: Connie celebrates 10 years in business this weekend. Pitcure: Carla Duthie

A PETERHEAD woman will this week celebrate a decade of running her own business in the town.

Connie Chiappino developed her jewellery party business, Rhiannon Jewellery, on October 1 2001, and to this day her only regret is not starting the business sooner.

Connie told the Buchanie how her business venture began: “I used to work and be an agent for a party planning company, I was their top agent for Scotland and my boss at the time told me I should start up on my own. It all started from then!

“The name came from my favourite Fleetwood Mac song at the time and it just felt right to do jewellery. I’ve always loved jewellery but over the years additional products has been added to the business including handbags, purses and scarves.”

Connie says she has made many great friends over the years and this is one of the things she loves most about her job.

“I love meeting people, and I have made some very special friends over the years. Many of the agents that work with me have been with Rhiannon Jewellery for quite some time. Of course some agents come and go but the job suits the individual persons circumstance, and that’s why people enjoy it so much.”

The friendly face has found herself becoming closely involved with the local community, and organises the very popular Christmas Fayre held at the Palace Hotel. Holding the first one six years ago, the event has snowballed since, with table spaces being booked up a year in advance. Connie is also the licence holder for the Peterhead market.

“My only regret is not starting years ago,” said Connie.

“I’ve had a fantastic ten years. Of course the last few have been the hardest and at one point I thought time was up. I’ve just had to work harder and I’m proud of what I have achieved. You look around Peterhead and see more shops closing it’s very worrying. Early on in the business I wanted my own shop but I’m so glad I didn’t go down that road now.

“I couldn’t have done it all without the help of my family, friends, agents and loyal customer I’ve had over the years, and I am extremely grateful for all of their support.”

Anyone who wishes to be an agent or have a party is asked to contact Connie on 01779 473744.