A good job well done - the seafood team hand over a collection bucket 'containing �1,340 to the Fishermen's Mission.
A good job well done - the seafood team hand over a collection bucket 'containing �1,340 to the Fishermen's Mission.
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More than £1,300 was raised for charity at the recent Skipper Expo by serving more than 5,000 sample tasters of seafood to exhibitors and visitors in just ten hours .

An extremely hard-working team of volunteers served up the freshly-prepared food during the Saturday afternoon of the event, and raised £1,340 for the Fishermen’s Mission.

Attracting a constant steam of seafood lovers willing to put denotations into a Mission collection bucket, the stand was organised by the Scottish Seafood Association (SSA).

Chairman Will Clark said, “This event was a great example of what can be achieved when all sectors of the local industry work together as a collective unit.

“A lot of industry stakeholders gave freely of their time and product to make this event possible, for which the SSA is extremely grateful.

“Special thanks also go to the Buchan Braes and Palace Hotel proprietors Kenneth and Margaret Watt, together with chef Gay Christie, for providing their invaluable practical support and encouragement.”

“Providing a constant supply of the finest Scottish seafood to several thousand people provided a unique opportunity to showcase our industry.

“Numerous people commented on the delicious taste of the simply cooked seafood tasters, and only left the stand after asking where they could purchase the natural product locally.

“Fishermen and processors alike continue to face major challenges, but these can be met by continuing to work together to develop new markets and enhance those that already exist by promoting the unbeatable qualities of our healthy and natural products in a proactive manner.”

With freshly cooked seafood constantly available throughout the two-day Expo, held in Aberdeen, the SSA team served around 60kg of haddock and 40kg each of langoustines/monkfish/ scallops.

An additional 40kg of smoked haddock were used to make over 1,000 portions of Cullen Skink soup.

The seafood used was donated by 18 boats and processing companies from across Scotland including Amity II, Boy John, Budding Rose, Harvest Hope, Lapwing, Ocean Venture II, Reliance II and Rosebloom, Colin Fraser, GMR Seafoods, Ally Thompson jnr, Downies, Frozen @Sea, L Williamson & Sons, Nolan Seafood, Scottish Fishermen’s Organisation, Sustainable Seafoods and Whitelink.