Burnhaven pupils clean-up Lido

LITTER BUGS: Burnhaven children and helpers pick up rubbish
LITTER BUGS: Burnhaven children and helpers pick up rubbish
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Burnhaven School pupils were out in force to help clean up the mess at Peterhead’s Lido last week.

The children were supervised by teachers, parents, ASDA community members and community wardens.

Things were going well, however a black spot on the day happened when community warden Ian Kennedy returned to his car.

Ian told the Buchanie: “We all collected a lot of bags of rubbish. When we went back to the car, there was rubbish lying right next to the bins beside the car.

“There were wrappers and take away contents all over the place.”

“We were disgusted to come back after being involved in picking up litter to come pack and find some next to our car.

“It’s in a part of the town that can be seen as you drive into the town.”

“The other problem is that it overlooks Peterhead Projects’ Lido Caravan site so a lot of rubbish then manages to end up there.”

“There is a lot going on in the area over the summer so take pride in the town.

“I would like to remind children and adults alike to pick up their rubbish, as it is actually breaking the law.”