Buchan youngsters go Zumbatomic!

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BUCHAN kids went Zumbatonic last week with local fitness instructor Claire Keenan.

The fun Zumba sessions were held at Strichen and Stuartfield schools, with the sessions proving very popular.

Claire told the Buchanie: “The kids love taking part in this lively keep fit activity.

“I have been to schools on a number of occasions to take Zumba sessions with all the pupils. These have been very popular with the pupils and the staff who have all joined in!

“The children are very enthusiastic from Primary 1 right through to Primary 7.

“The sessions are very lively and the children love the loud music they are working out to.

“The sessions are very energy demanding and by the end the children have had a real work out and are all out of breath - but very happy!

Strichen headteacher Andrew Jenkins said: “We look forward to more session with Claire. These sessions play an important part of our Health and Well Being activities in the school.”