Buchan at war book published

A new book which highlights Buchan and the North-east of Scotland during World War II goes on sale soon.

Wednesday, 25th April 2018, 4:48 pm
Updated Wednesday, 25th April 2018, 4:56 pm
A decoy airfield generator building at St Fergus is just one of the hidden stories uncovered in the new book

‘North East Scotland at War: Events and Facts 1939-1945’ details wartime activities that in most cases go unnoticed.

The book is a result of years of research into the dark war years in the area by author Alan Stewart.

Even on the home front, 
civilians were exposed to beach minefields, accidents with ordnance as well as threats from enemy air activity.

Alan (51) tells the story of a German aircraft crashing in a North-east field resulting in locals coming to the aid of an injured crewman despite him being the enemy.

A defecting German aircraft landing in the area caused the RAF to censor mail and intercept phonecalls to try and control the significance of the aircraft from leaking out and getting back to the Germans.

Had the Germans invaded, a nasty surprise throughout the country awaited them in the form of Auxiliary Units – a secret organisation of people trained and armed for guerrilla warfare.

Alan says: “Papers often covered up facts, with one person who was awarded a bravery medal reported to be a fish packer, but who was, in reality, an aircraft spotter at a factory making parts for war.”

Alan Stewart has spent the last five years carrying out detailed research for the book, adding: “Something as simple as a gravestone can lead to hours of research which can give people an understanding of wartime tragedies.”