Buchan residents asked to help develop audiology standards

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Buchan residents who wear NHS hearing aids can help play a vital role in the development of national audiology standards in Scotland.

They can also help ensure that patients with hearing loss across the country receive a high quality service from their local NHS audiology team.

Every year since 2010, all NHS audiology services in Scotland have been measured against a set of nine quality standards.

These cover various aspects of adult hearing rehabilitation services including: accessibility of services, communication with patients, the hearing assessment, developing and implementing individual management plans, clinical effectiveness, audiology team’s skills and expertise, collaborative working and service improvement.

Thsoe residents in Buchan who have used NHS audiology services are now being invited to contribute to the review of the standards by completing an online questionnaire.

The questionnaire can be found at www.actiononhearingloss.org.uk/audiology

Residents are being asked to log on a complete the online questionnaire before Thursday, July 31.

Commenting on the survey, Delia Henry, director of charity Action on Hearing Loss Scotland and a member of Scotland’s Audiology Services Advisory Group, said: “It’s important that this review includes the views of people who have experience of using their local audiology services and can share their opinions on which aspects of Scotland’s national standards are working well, or where there could be room for improvement.”

For more information or to request a paper version of the questionnaire,youshould email: scotland@hearingloss.org.uk