Buchan Meadows seeks volunteers


After being gifted the long lease of 40 acres of mixed woodland and open space, Peterhead Projects are now looking for volunteers to develop the Community woodland into it’s next stages.

Throughout the year Peterhead Projects have done a lot of background and behind the scenes work, including public consultations, meetings with stakeholders, local governments and also talks with local schools and youth groups, enabling them to move onto the next stage of the site management and general development as a much needed community resource.

The Directors and Staff at Peterhead Projects are few in numbers and recognise that they do not have all the skills, nor the time, to maintain a fully effective management of the woodland and therefore we need to ask the people of Peterhead to help run and manage the site.

With this in mind Peterhead Projects are calling a public meeting to be held at the Harvest Church Hall, Backgate Peterhead Saturday November 12 from 12.30pm to 3.30pm

This meeting will provide Peterhead Projects with an opportunity to inform those present more details about the results of the public consultations, what they have done to date, what now needs to be now done and how they see it working.

It will also provide an opportunity for volunteers to come forward and form a small management committee for the woodland.

There are a number of boundaries that will need to be adhered to when it comes to running the site; it should be retained as near natural as possible, the site will require wood and pasture management to a level that the community can enjoy it and the site should comply with the results of the public consultations.

Peterhead Projects envisage that the management committee would plan and organise the site management and then through a larger body of volunteers keep the site in general good order.

Anyone with an interest in their community and the countryside and who can commit some time helping to develop this interesting and worthwhile facility is asked to come forward.

Peterhead Projects employs a Woodland Development Officer who would always be available to work closely with the team, providing advice and technical support as necessary. Peterhead Projects would also be responsible for applying for any major funding so that too would not be an onerous burden on the management committee.

Main responsibilities would include the creation of a community woodland that would a welcome and interesting place to visit, the maintenance of existing trees as well as the plantation of new tress, shrubs and wild flowers and also, to improve the local biodiversity of the site and develop existing habitats for local wildlife.

So if your interested in this new community project and the exciting opportunity to be a part of the Community Woodland, be sure to go along to the meeting, maybe you just want to find out about it, Peterhead Projects look forward to seeing everyone there.