Buchan economic opportunity high says council report

REGENERATION: Peterhead town centre
REGENERATION: Peterhead town centre
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An ECONOMIC report put before the Buchan Area Committee has outlined details of the Buchan area’s economic development strategy.

The annual report highlighted various economic issues across the Buchan area in the last year.

Councillors were told by Christine Webster of the local authority’s economic development team: “This is a snap shot of the economic development in the Buchan area. It shows that unemployment is low and economic opportunity is high.

“The town centre isn’t doing so well - as is identified in the report. There is a struggle to get food companies interested in the area but we have been surprised that there has been interest in Dales Industrial Estate.”

Councillor Stephen Smith said: “I think the report shows there is a lot going on under the radar. There are a range of companies that are working together, like the Peterhead Energy Hub.”

The Peterhead Energy Hub is a group of businesses working together to promote the town to prospective clients, by developing a promotional DVD.

Councillors were concerned about the town centre and wanted to move forward with plans to regenerate it.

Buchan area manager Chris White said at the meeting: “The issue is that we have a flourishing local economy and we need to show that with an attractive town centre.”

Councillor Tom Malone said: “The look of the town doesn’t help. It wouldn’t take much to enhance the area and make it more attractive. All we would be talking about is simple house-keeping and landscaping. A matter of thousands of pounds not millions.”