Buchan couple celebrate 65 years

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Strichen couple Sutherland (87) and Mary Smith (83) have just celebrated 65 years of marriage.

They met as next door neighbours in Rora and after three years together got married in a double ceremony with Sutherland’s sister at Longside Church on April 26, 1947. Sutherland and Mary then owned their own farm near New Deer for 58 years and raised two daughters, before moving to Strichen three years ago.

The couple, who don’t like speaking about themselves, say there is no trick to marriage you just have to “get along with each other”.

They said they just wanted this year to be a low-key affair so are having family over.

Their daughters Moira and Phyllis have given them five grandchildren and a great grandchild is on the way.

Sutherland said: “We are just ordinary people. It doesn’t feel long to be married, a short spell really. We have had a good life with nothing to complain about.”