Buchan churches combine to tell the Easter story

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Three Buchan churches are coming together this Easter to present a creative play entitled ‘Is it True?’.

Strichen Parish Church, New Pitsligo Parish Church and Mintlaw Community Churchhave been busy preparing for the last two months for what is set to be a great weekend of performances.

The trio of churches will take to the stage at Strichen Parish Church at 7.30pm on Friday, April 18, New Pitsligo Parish Church at 7pm on Saturday, April 19, and Mintlaw Academy at 6pm on Sunday, April 20.

‘Is it True?’ was written a number of years ago by Pastor Stuart Watt, who leads Mintlaw Community Church, after he was inspired by Josh McDowell’s book ‘New Evidence that Demands a Verdict’.

Set in a British court room, the drama puts the resurrection of Jesus Christ on trial, with people playing the parts of a judge, solicitors, policeman etc, and with the added twist of witnesses being from the time of Christ.

Stuart explained: “At the time of reading ‘New Evidence that Demands a Verdict’ I was looking for ideas for an Easter play, and there it was right before me!

“The book didn’t just present evidence to me – it actually also provided a script.

“It’s a real privilege for us to collaborate with the Strichen and New Pitsligo Parish Churches, especially in doing something as worthwhile as this.”

Commenting on the play, Rev Andrew Fothergill, who leads the congregations of Strichen and New Pitsligo, added: “With so many stereotypes associated with church these days, it’s great to be able to bring a fresh presentation of the centrally important message of Easter.”

All performances are free of charge and will be followed by refreshments. For further information, please call 07774316028 or 07999630888.