Buchan babies have the Factor

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The stars aligned for a North East mum when her favourite X-Factor finalists visited her in hospital with her new-born twins.

Eileen Thomson, a self-confessed fan of the ITV talent show was surprised when winner Sam Bailey and several of the other contestants dropped in to Aberdeen Children’s Hospital after performing at the AECC.

New mum Eileen was delighted when the X-Factor finalists dropped in to see her new-born twins, Eddie and Emily.

New mum Eileen was delighted when the X-Factor finalists dropped in to see her new-born twins, Eddie and Emily.

She said: “I would have loved to see them all at the exhibition centre but I knew my due date and it was too risky.

“I watched the X-Factor every week and I’m a huge fan.

“Not many people can say they’ve met the stars, let alone when they were only a few days old.

Eddie and Emily Thomson were born on Monday, February 24 at a health five lbs six oz.

Eileen - the cook supervisor from St Fergus School - was discharged from hospital on the Thursday to take the babies back to the home she shares with her husband Atholl near Auchnagatt.

But by the weekend the twins had dropped below their birth weight and were taken back into hospital on Sunday, March 2 - the same night the X-Factor tour was headlining at AECC.

The Thomsons were among the 9.5 million people who watched the talent show on average last autumn and winter and were delighted to see some of their favourite contestants.

Winner Sam Bailey was joined by runner-up Nicholas McDonald and fan-favourite Luke Friend.

Eileen said: “Sam was very taken with them and, unbeknown to us, she was also expecting.

“She was very down to earth and actually said seeing the twins was making her broody.

“Nicholas on the other hand was quite wary of them, but he’s still young.”

The contestants played to a packed area in Aberdeen, performing classic songs and viewer favourites from the 10th series of Simon Cowell’s popular talent show.

Tickets went on sale back in September - more than three months before the Christmas finale of the show - but that didn’t stop fans spending nearly £40 on tickets.

Winner Sam Bailey, who announced only days after meeting Eddie and Emily that she is expecting her third child, shot straight to the 2013 Christmas number one slot with her cover of Demi Lovato’s ‘Skyscraper.’

She was the first X-Factor winner in three years to grab the Christmas number.

On the day Eileen and Atholl were welcoming their kids into the world, Sam Bailey was performing on stage with global superstar Beyonce.

She is now set to release her debut album, ‘The Power of Love’, next week.

After meeting the stars only seven days after their birth, Eddie and Emily are happy, healthy and - to the delight of Eileen and Atholl - back above their birth weight.

Their mother added: “It’s quite tiring looking after the twins but our family is helping.

“All the help is gratefull received.”

Now hopefully the twins have a bright future ahead of them too.