Braes yourself to get Fawkesy on the fifth

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Peterhead’s biggest bonfire will continue to burn in its usual location after residents fought off pressure to move it toanother area.

The bonfire at Gadle Braes will go ahead as usual after discussions broke down between residents, the council and other community figures about moving it for this year.

Mark Alexander, who helps organise the bonfire, said: “They wanted to move it but there’s no way we’re moving it.

“It’s been here for 100 years.”

One of the destinations mooted for the new location was Ugie Park by the hospital however no agreement could be made.

Mr Alexander said: “It’s just a big carry on.”

Hundereds are expected to attend the bonfire which will be lit at 7 pm with fireworks kicking off the festivities shortly before.

Mr Alexander believes that one of the main reasons the bonfire should not be moved is the community aspect it brings to Gadle Braes.

He said: “The school kids all come down to see it and we had four or five nursery visits so it’s good to see the community come together to see it.

“And it’s good for a lot of the young lads on the street and gives them something to do.”

The bonfire is expected to stand at over 40 feet, made up of over 5,000 pallets, and burn for around one and a half hours.

Mr Alexander also wanted to thank local businesses including Maka’s Taxi’s and Zanres Takeaway on Queen Street for their donations towards fireworks for the night.

On the night of the 5th Gadle Braes the street will be cornered off for onlookers and burger vans will be on hand to feed the peckish.

Mr Alexander is “110%” confident that Gradle Braes is where Peterhead’s bonfire will remain for many years.

The Fire Brigade was contacted but was unavailable for comment on the bonfire.

The council were also contacted but had no comment to make regarding the bonfire.