Book of Deer Project at Aden

Alec Russell signs the visitor book at the Aden Farming Museum
Alec Russell signs the visitor book at the Aden Farming Museum

The Book of Deer Project has been relocated to the Farming Museum at Aden Country Park.

The new visitors centre is situated in the Old School Room and will be open at the same time as the Farming Musuem during the summer until the end of October.

The room is designed to give visitors an introduction to the Book of Deer, described as ‘Scotland’s Greatest Treasure’.

As the book is too fragile to handle and is kept under controlled conditions in Cambridge University Library, the Book has been digitised and images of it are on display at Aden.

The Project focuses on the historic connections between the Book of Deer and the local area.

Activities of the Project are designed to ensure that the community doesn’t lose sight of its cultural roots by promoting awareness of the Book of Deer Project within the community and beyond.

The new Project room was inaugurated by Mrs Russell and her son Alec.

The Russell family bought the Estate of Aden in 1758 and owned the estate until the 1930’s.

Mrs Russell’s husband James was the last Russell to by born in the mansion house of Aden and his family moved when he was just 3.

The Book of Deer Project has been in talks with Aberdeen University Library for a number of years on the possibility of hosting a major exhibition to celebrate a possible return of the Book on loan to Aberdeen.

Unfortunately the Project team have been told by the Library that this will not happen as they believe there is not enough local interest.