Bonnie B’s given award by the Queen

TA receive medals
TA receive medals
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AT PETERHEAD’s TA head quarters, service men were given medals as part of the Diamond Jubilee year. The B Company 7 Scots are a TA unit from the North East and are also known as ‘The Bonnie B’.

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal was presented to those that had served at 5 years or more: Private Stuart Turner, Corporal Andrew Naughton, Sergeant David Ritchie, Corporal Derek Cruiskank, Lance Corporal Allan Cameron, Lance Corporal Douglas Gough, Corporal Sergeant Brian Mackintosh, Sergeant Major Peter McPhee (not present), Captain Gus Cameron and Company Sergeant Major John Sinclair. Private Sam Orme was also given his certificate for passing the CIC course by completing his training.

The men were presented their medals by Sergeant Major Jim Reilly and Captain Gus Cameron was awarded the ISAF Medal (NATO) for serving in Afghanistan and Sergeant David Ritchie was awarded the VRSM (Volunteer Reserves Service Medal) for long service too.

Company Sergeant Major John Sinclair said: “The TA of today is totally different from Dads Army, we have had soldiers who have been away on tours and have performed just as well as the other men. We are trying to recruit more members at the moment as the TA is taking on a larger role. Getting medals like this shows that.”