Boddam couple celebrate Diamond anniversary

Jim and Elsie Smith
Jim and Elsie Smith

A Boddam couple will celebrate their Diamond wedding anniversary on Monday marking 60 years together.

Elsie and Jim Smith married in Peterhead on May 12, 1954 in front of 60 friends and family.

At the time, Elsie was approaching her 19th birthday and Jim was 22.

The couple did not have the money to go abroad for their honeymoon but chose to stay with family in Aberdeenshire instead.

Elsie and Jim have known each other for nearly their whole lives as Elsie explained: “We were brought up as childhood friends, my brothers thought Jim came round to see them but they later found out it was actually me!”

The couple have three sons; Mike, Eric and Allan, seven grandchildren; Barry, Vicky, Lisa, Christopher, Matthew, Mitchell and Leona, and one great-grandchild; Connachan.

Elsie said: “We have been kept busy over the years welcoming all the children and grandchildren, but they are all so big now there is no room for them.”

Elsie and Jim will celebrate their milestone anniversary by having a meal with family members at the Buchan Braes hotel on Sunday.

When asked what the secret to a long, successful marriage is, Elsie and Jim said: “You have to give and take, and keep the peace at all costs.

“Over the last 60 years there have been ups and downs, luckily for us there have been a lot more ups than downs.”

In his spare time, Jim revealed he enjoys being outdoors as he explained: “I enjoy gardening and working in the greenhouse, I can relax in the garden.”

Meanwhile Elsie said: “I do at least two to three crosswords a day and have done so for the last 45 years.

“I used to play the organ at local clubs.”

She added: “We have been very happy and we are lucky to have our family close by.”