Blue Toon in S.O.S bid for festive lights

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Volunteers are being sought to help light up Peterhead’s town centre this Christmas.

The early appeal follows a last-minute effort to get lights in the town centre this past Christmas.

A committee had to be quickly formed in November 2015 after it transpired that no group had taken responsibility for the Christmas display in the town centre.

Thanks to sponsorship from local businesses and the provision of a tree from Peterhead Projects’ Buchan Woodland, lights were erected in time for a switch-on at the end of November in Drummer’s Corner.

But only hours after the tree lights were lit-up, vandals cut the wiring resulting in the tree - and several banner lights - being plunged into darkness.

Locals did their best to cheer up the shopping centre area by decorating the tree with baubles, but the lights had to remain off over the Christmas period due to lack of funds to repair them.

Now, volunteers are being sought to attend a meeting this week in an effort to get Peterhead switched back on in 2016 .

Phyllis Mundie, who was part of last year’s group, told the Buchanie: “It was bitterly disappointing that the lights were vandalised in Drummer’s Corner. It was difficult last year to get things organised in such a short space of time, but we’re hoping that this year we can get volunteers together early on and get Peterhead’s lights up to the standard they should be for the Shire’s biggest town.

“We had loads of suggestions via Facebook as to what should happen with the lights and the tree and we really need those folks to come along to the meeting to give their views and see what can be done this year.

“We’re not looking to form a committee at this stage - just to get folk together for a brain-storming session to see if there are other ideas out there as to what can be done and where the tree can be located to avoid it being vandalised.

“If anyone has any suggestions - or feels they can help at all - we’d like them to come along to the Albert Hotel on Peterhead’s Queen Street on Thursday, January 21, at 7.30pm.”

Phyllis added that only a concerted effort by the community can result in the town getting the festive lighting display it deserves.

“It won’t be easy and there will be a lot of fundraising required, but I’m sure the community can get together and make 2016 a Christmas to remember for the Blue Toon.”

If anyone has any ideas - but can’t attend the meeting - then please leave your suggestions on the Buchan Observer Facebook page.

“Hopefully we will be proud of our town’s lights in 2016,” added Phyllis.