Bid to rediscover and revitalise Peterhead

Ian Sutherland and John Pascoe sign the documents to formally constitute Rediscover Peterhead.
Ian Sutherland and John Pascoe sign the documents to formally constitute Rediscover Peterhead.

Plans to revitalise the fortunes of the Peterhead business community have been unveiled.

A number of traders have formed a constituted steering group to work towards the creation of a Business Improvement District focusing on the heart of the town.

‘Rediscover Peterhead’ aims to see businesses working together and investing collectively in local improvements to their trading environment.

With more than 30 such initiatives operating across Scotland, BIDs are not a substitute for central or local government services, but are a way in which additional funding can be raised. Businesses can then decide how best to use that funding to strengthen the local business community.

John Pascoe, of Peterhead Business Forum, has been elected one of two vice-chairs of the steering group and is relishing the opportunity to make a real difference for businesses in the town.

“The Peterhead BID will work in partnership to continually improve the experience of the town centre,” said Mr Pascoe. “We all remember how successful the town once was – Rediscover Peterhead will aim to ensure that the centre of the Blue Toon fulfils its potential once more.

“We will work diligently to make this a pleasant place to work, to attract trade and tourism, and ensure it is a vibrant, safe, clean and lively place for everyone to enjoy.”

Fellow vice-chair of the Peterhead BID, Iain Sutherland of Something Special, added: “Fundamentally Rediscover Peterhead will deliver a return on investment for businesses through tangible results and benefits.

“We cannot simply sit back and hope that what could be, will be. This is our chance as businesses to make sure that we raise investment locally to increase footfall, improve business performance and create a compelling, interesting offer.

The Rediscover Peterhead BID will shortly be seeking to employ a coordinator.

For more information on the Peterhead BID, email the steering group at