Best friends do their bit for charity

Sticking together: The best friends who got together to raise money for Children in Need.
Sticking together: The best friends who got together to raise money for Children in Need.

TWO best friends have done their bit for charity after deciding to hold a ‘garage shop’ on Monday November 21.

Brodie Nicolson and her best friend Sienna Cumming, are both 6, and after the hype of Children in Need at St Fergus school last week, they decided they ought to do their bit for the worthy cause.

Brodie’s mum, Denise explained how her daughter quickly became the joint manager of a shop over the weekend.

“Brodie came home from school last Friday full of the spirit, and told me that she wanted to raise some money for Children in Need too. With Sienna closely by her side, they spent most of the weekend creating posters and selotaping them to the lamp posts in the village, as well as visiting their friends and neighbours houses to let them know they were going to have a shop in our garage after school on Monday.”

To begin with the girls weren’t sure what they were actually going to sell, which was down to the fact that they didn’t have money to buy anything, so they got themselves busy and made home-made christmas cards, gift tags, bake and decorate cakes and learnt how to make marshmallow top-hats!

Denise continued: “They had great fun making everything, and after they had their stock, they produced me with their price list, which has to be revised slightly to make it a bit more realistic!”

Brodie and Sienna had to run home from school last Monday, as a queue formed quickly at the garage to buy things from their shop which, with the help of Brodie’s brother Ben, was advertised extremely well when he called out to passers-by on the street.

After a hectic hour of selling, the girls were pleased to be left with an almost empty table, earning £74.05 to donate to Children in Need, and they’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone, including their teachers, who went along to their shop last week.

Denise added: “It was great to see the girls with a smile on their face at the end of the day, I’m so proud of both of them for deciding to do this themselves and raising money for Children in Need.”