Ben Nevis challenge raises over £20,000

David Stephen (second left) pictured at the summit of Ben Nevis in August
David Stephen (second left) pictured at the summit of Ben Nevis in August
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A Peterhead man successfully reached the peak of Ben Nevis to raise money for the hospital ward that saved his life.

David Stephen, who suffered a brain tumour in September last year, managed to raise £17,469 for Aberdeen Royal Infirmary’s Neurosurgical Ward 205.

Ward staff performed a nine-hour operation to remove David’s tumour that had been growing undetected for 15 years, and taught him how to walk again following post operative difficulties.

David successfully climbed Britain’s highest mountain on Wednesday, August 20, in the same time he spent in theatre having his tumour removed.

After being in hospital for five weeks and being attended to by a very dedicated team of surgeons, doctors, nurses, physio staff and occupational therapists, as well as seeing a need for additional equipment to aid patients’ recovery, David decided to give something in return for the commitment and kindness he felt from the Ward 205 team.

David said: “I can hardly believe the total sum which, along with government gift aid, comes to the grand total of £20,460.

“It has exceeded far beyond my expectations when launching the campaign in early spring, and has certainly highlighted the generosity of the folks in the north-east of Scotland and beyond, including some of the team in ward 205.”

He continued: “A special thanks to Zanres of Peterhead who so generously gifted £3,145, their entire takings for the day on Thursday, August 7. They also received some anonymous donations which, along with gift tins on their counter, came to another considerable sum.

“Many thanks to all those who pleasantly joined the Zanres queue on that day.

“My expression of gratitude to Ian Proud Pharmacy of Clerkhill and his customers who also raised a kindly sum, and Marshal Davidson of Write Image who refused to take payment for the advertising of my campaign, in memory of his father.”

David added: “Ben Nevis was a difficult challenge but since the initial launch I have attended the Waterside Pool and Leisure Club

“I don’t know why it is called a leisure club as doing physiotherapy exercises on the sauna and steam room are not exactly relaxing but it, along with my bike, has been more than beneficial in my recovery.

“Thanks are extended from the whole team of ward 205 who are very grateful but worthy recipients of the sum.

“To all who have donated I would like to say, “the smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention”.

“Thank you all so much.”