BBC visit for Buchanhaven Heritage Society team

One of the mugs decorated and presented by Hayley Coutts
One of the mugs decorated and presented by Hayley Coutts

The Buchanhaven Heritage Society have recently had their work acknowledged at national level after a visit from the BBC “Out of Doors” team which will be broadcast soon.

The team from the BBC had been watching developments in the area and decided to pay a visit to see for themselves what was happening and to see if the beauty of the area was all that images portrayed.

They were not disappointed and left impressed with the work of the team and the natural beauty of the area.

In addition to the national coverage the society were delighted to meet up with Hayley Coutts from Peterhead who had presented them with a new mug with a period image of Buchanhaven printed around it.

The society were so impressed that an order has now been placed with Hayley and they will be on sale at the Centre when they re-open after a recent break in events and exhibitions.

Although significant planning is still going on behind the scenes for 2015, the early indications are favourable with a Spring Fair allocated to Saturday, April 25 and a large Art Exhibition on May 25-26.

Alex Geddes, chair of the society, said: “We were delighted to get the call from the BBC and to speak to Hayley about the new mugs that will now go on sale to support the refurbishment programme.

“It was great to receive national recognition, however local input and support is critical to the continued development of the “auld school” so the approach from Hayley with this fantastic offer meant a great deal to us.

“We look forward to delivering a range of events and exhibitions throughout 2015 and welcome a new choir and Scottish Country Dance lessons to the programme of work being carried out in the Centre.”

The Scottish Country Dancing lessons started on Thursday, January 15 and proved to be a huge success.

A full hall and a great spirit ensured a fantastic night of dance and music, not to mention a great way to lose those calories.

In addition to the dancing it was a great social night and it clearly has the makings of something significant in the area.

The new class meets every Thursday night at the Centre between 7.30 -9pm.