Baby seagulls cute or evil?

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SEAGULLS can be a big problem all year round but at this time of year when their babies are starting to hatch, they become even more of a problem.

When we took a photo a baby gull and put it on our Facebook page we expected a few responses. However we received a massive response.

There was a mixed reaction from ‘Cute but will probably be evil when’s it’s big!’ to the more tongue and cheek ‘fine we chips and a bit of mustard’.

Once respondent said: “They are not evil, they have adapted to our way of living. we have made it way too easy for them to get food from around our towns and cities. clean up our act, don’t feed them, secure bins...if there’s no food then it’s less likely they will hang around.”

Another agreed saying: “They are surviving because we make it easy for them, educate people not to feed them, I dont mind them when their in their natural habitat....proper measures should be implemented to control their numbers.”

Other were of a different opinion: “Evil evil evil am happy I am not in Peterhead don’t see much of them in Halifax it’s all pigeons.” and “They are vermin. Fed up being attacked by them every year.”

There was no stand out winner in the Facebook war of words this time but please let us know your thoughts on the issue by contacting us.