Baby-boomers in Scotland are '˜tech-savvy generation'

Today's over-45s in Scotland are a tech savvy generation, with a clear majority (69%) describing themselves as '˜tech adopters' who are willing to embrace new devices and technology, according to Aviva's latest Real Retirement Report.

Saturday, 17th December 2016, 2:00 pm
A majority (69%) of over-45s describe themselves as tech adopters.

Almost two thirds (64%) of over-45s in Scotland also agree that technology has had a positive impact on their day-to-day financial planning, just below the national average (66%).

Yet when it comes to pensions, just under a third (32%) can say the same, as Aviva’s findings reveal technology to have made little impact on retirement finances.

Among over-45s with a pension in Scotland, just over a fifth (22%) manage this online – significantly below the national average (27%). It therefore comes as no surprise that the majority of over-45s say they are yet to have seen any impact from technology on their retirement finances at all (63%), although the industry is beginning to embrace digital innovation.

At the same over-45s in Scotland are committed users of technology when it comes to other areas of financial management:

Day-to-day banking (83%), utility bills (77%) and savings and investments (69%) are the most popular aspects that are managed online by over-45s in Scotland1

Those in Scotland are more likely to say technology is important in helping them to manage their money (69%) than the rest of the UK (68%)

Those aged 45 and above are twice as likely to use technology to manage their money when compared to managing their social life (30%)

Control over pension

People approaching retirement are not only less likely to manage their retirement finances online: they are also noticeably less likely to feel in control of their pensions than other areas of their daily finances

A third (33%) of over-45s in Scotland feel completely in control of their pensions – slightly lower than the national average (36%)

The sense of control over pensions is also far lower when compared to control over day-to-day banking (63%), suggesting the aspects of finances which people generally feel more in control of are also those that are more often managed online

Wider technology use

Although it is yet to have had much impact on retirement finances, many over-45s are engaging with and benefiting from technology in other areas of their lives well into their 70s and beyond, dispelling the myth that older people and digital innovation don’t mix.

A clear majority of over-45s in Scotland (69%), mirroring the national average, describe themselves as ‘adopters’ of technology, with over a quarter (27%) of those in Scotland citing themselves as ‘non-adopters’

Those in Scotland are likely to listen to music through services like iTunes or Spotify at least once a week (29%) mirroring the national average (29%)

Over three fifths of those in Scotland (61%) in Aviva’s internet-enabled sample go online to read the news at least once a day, compared to three fifths nationally (60%)

Over two fifths (41%) check social media every day, below the national average (46%)

On a weekly basis, 66% in Scotland make use of technology for online banking and a further 44% play digital games at least once a week