Auchnagatt WRI

Helen Thomson, President, welcomed everyone to Auchnagatts recent WRI and introduced Dorothy Duncan, one of the members, as speaker for the night.

Dorothy gave members a fascinating account of her trip to Rio de Janeiro and the background to its cultures and traditions. She spoke of the 15 million inhabitants of Rio and the poverty in the favelas or slums built on the hillsides. There is a large police presence due to the amount of crime.

Members also learnt that Brazilian Portugese is the language spoken and that Brazil is the largest producer of foods such as brazil nuts, almonds, coffee, soya bean and sugar cane.

In addition the country is rich in minerals, gold, oil, tobacco and rubber. The main event of the trip was to celebrate the marriage of Dorothy’s son to his Brazilian bride and the photos reflected a wonderful occasion with many similar customs.

After the Rural Business a cup of tea and some typical Brazilian refreshments were enjoyed before the raffle was drawn.

The competitions were judged by Dorothy with the prizes as follows.

Decorated Wrapped Parcel: 1 Caroline Harlow.

Holiday Postcard: 1 Hilda Brown; 2 Rosalyn Smith; 3 Caroline Harlow.

Flower of the Month: 1 Caroline Harlow, 2 Eleanor Towler.

Helen Thomson gave the vote of thanks to everyone for a most enjoyable evening.

The next meeting, which is the Auchnagatt SWRI Show, will be held on Thursday 17th March 2011 at 7pm in the village hall. All members and visitors welcome please contact 01358 701224 for details.