Auchnagatt house set for refusal

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Buchan councillors will decide on Tuesday if an Auchnagatt man is to be given consent for the erection of a house at Milton of Inkhorn near the village.

Planning Permission in principle is being sought by Mr A Thomson of Milton Of Inkhorn.

At a meeting in Peterhead, councillors will hear that five objections have been received by the planning department, which is recommending refusal of the application.

The building to be replaced forms part of an established grouping of buildings, which include a steading complex, storage building and the applicant’s existing house.

In a report to councillors, planning officer David MacLennan says the application site is split between two locations, the site of an existing disused building to be demolished and the site for the new house.

“The key planning issue is whether the new house meets any of the relevant criteria for rural housing development and if other technical matters can be resolved,” he says.

“Under the terms of policy, new housing will be approved, subject to other policies, where the proposal is for development permissible under the greenbelt supplementary guidance; refurbishment or replacement of an existing disused building; reuse of a previously developed site;organic growth within 400m of a settlement; associated with retirement succession of a viable farm; or be an appropriate addition to a cohesive group of at least five houses.

The site of the proposed house is not previously developed, is not within 400m of an identified settlement, is not associated with succession farming, is not for an essential worker, and cannot be considered as part of a cohesive group.

“This proposal is therefore being justified by the applicant’s agent on the basis of a replacement house.”

He adds: “This proposal

goes against policy and there is no justification as to why the existing site could not be redeveloped to provide the new house.

“The steading adjacent is presently being converted to residential use so there are no issues in terms of the proximity to agricultural buildings and there is sufficient land to the rear of the existing building to form a curtilage for thehouse.

“Approval of such an application would set an undesirable precedent for the use of the new local development plan.”

Members will be asked to refuse the application.