Attempt the Great Escape Prison Break

Why not try your hand at escaping from Scotland's most notorious prison.
Why not try your hand at escaping from Scotland's most notorious prison.

Heroic participants are being asked to sign up for The Great Escape Prison Break which will take place at Peterhead Prison Museum in April.

Those willing will be able to follow in the footsteps of the courageous 1987 SAS troops who famously seized back control of the notorious jail in a stand-off which made history.

Dangerous inmates of the time held a prison officer hostage on the roof during the riots, which lasted five days before the events came to a dramatic conclusion.

George Walker Events is now looking for brave souls to tackle the prison break - as well as an abseil, on Sunday, April 23.

The iron gates for the first ever convict prison in Scotland will swing shut on this day to keep everyone in the heart of the compound to begin their get away.

They will choose their master plan and join the team at the musuem for an exciting challenge in aid of a fantastic cause.

All funds raised will suppport Fly Cup Catering rpojects - a charity based in Inverurie which enables adults with learning difficulties to access training and employment opportunities within the catering sector.

Nominations are now beingsought for the abseil and the lock-in.

Are you brave enough to abseil Army-style off the old prison building?

Put your name down to secure your place in this challenging event.

Do you have a colleague or friend you’d like on the inmate list? Time to lock up your boss?

Simply send your nominee’s name to George Walker Events and they will make sure your jailbirds joins them on the inside.

Entries and nominations should be made via the website at