Art exhibition set for Cafe Connect

Artists Heather Ritchie and Rosemary Stubbs.
Artists Heather Ritchie and Rosemary Stubbs.

Watercolour artist Heather Ritchie and photographer Rosemary Stubbs will be exhibiting at Cafe Connect in Fraserburgh’s Broad Street until June 25.

The exhibition is open weekdays from 9.15am to 3.15pm.

Heather was born in Peterhead and brought up in Fraserburgh and has been painting for several years.

As well as watercolours, she has developed her own technique in using powder paints, which on contact with water, spreads to reveal images in the unique paintings.

Proceeds from her cards and gift tags go to Sefton Village Orphanage in the Philippines.

Rosemary has always been interested in Photography and now has more time to exhibit her work.

Having lived in the North East for the past 25 years has provided her with an amazing array of material from coast to hills.

She is also interested in macro photography and digital imaging, some of which can be found in her varied pictures and cards.