Around the rurals

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Longside SWRI’s September meeting was opened by President Mrs V. May who gave a warm welcome to everyone.

To everyone’s surprise, members were to celebrate the 85th birthday of the Longside SWRI with a lovely cake that Mrs May had had made herself.

After discussing the evening’s business, Mrs May introduced Mrs Sally Smith who was to give a Colour Analysis Demonstration.

Mrs Smith demonstrated, with the help of volunteers from the members, how choosing the correct group of colours for our skin complexion and hair colouring can enhance their appearance.

In turn Mrs Smith explained the way we look has an effect on the way we feel.

Mrs Smith was also able to demonstrate the surprising results that choosing the correct colour of jewellery can make.

After a lovely tea which included pieces of the birthday cake, Mrs Smith kindly judged the competitions with the following results:

Two Chocolate Brownies – 1 Mrs Elaine Milne, 2 Mrs Pat Marshall, 3Mrs Aileen Bain.

A Halloween Mask - 1 Mrs Aileen Bain.

Senior Hostess gave the vote of thanks to Mrs Smith for an entertaining evening and wished everyone a safe journey home.


Lesley welcomed all to the first meeting of Strichen WRI after the summer break at the Royal British Legion.

Minutes read and business dealt with, Lesley introduced Amy Reid, who came along to show members how to decorate a sponge and she then went on to show everyone how to marzipan a fruit cake.

Many handy tips were picked up. Tea was served and the raffle drawn.

Competition Results:

1lb Fruit Loaf - 1 Olive McLeod, 2 Linda Farquhar, 3 Katrina Mutch.

Matinee Jacket - 1 Linda Farquhar, 2 Betty Clark, 3 Katrina Mutch.

Katrina gave the vote of thanks and Lesley wished all a safe journey home after a most enjoyable evening.