Apology sought over Boddam flag flying

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A Boddam family has defended its right to fly a pirate flag in their garden near an RAF tribute.

Councillor Sam Coull had said in the local press that it was turning the village into Disneyland, saying that Winnie the Pooh would be next.

The family subsequently erected a Winnie the Pooh balloon figure in their garden to show how silly, in their view, the whole situation had become.

Mrs Karen Youngman said: “We put up the Winnie the Pooh just to show how ridiculous the comments from the local councillor were in the papers over the past week. I feel that the councillor in question was more than aware that the flag was for children.”

William Youngman said: “I think the best way forward is for the councillor to put an apology in all the papers, to put this farcical issue to bed.”

Councillor Coull said: “My job is represent the the people. You can’t expect to put up a jolly roger and not distract motorists on a busy road.”

Normally a Saltire flag is flying in their garden but as the children were going to see the new kids blockbuster movie Pirates, they put up the pirate flag instead.

The couple say they have been overwhelmed by the support from people of Boddam, their family and friends.

Karen and William said if the councillor had asked them to take the flag down, then they would have done.

They say the statue is a tribute not a war memorial and that the flag was a childrens pirate flag Jolly and not meant to cause offence.

Karen added: “I would also like to point out that on numerous occasions we have cut the grass round the statue and picked up litter too.”