Anger over dog mess in Toon

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The continuing problem of dog mess on town and village streets has been raised yet again by one angry resident.

This week Peterhead woman Moira Davidson got in touch to highlight the problem on the town’s Berryden Road.

Dog owner Moira, who lives in the area, said that she was disgusted at the amount of dog faeces on the streets.

“From the Dales Park shops down the long path towards the Meethill Road is an area I don’t usually walk my down, but found there was dog mess everywhere,” she said.

“It was difficult for my dog to do his business without standing on other dog’s poo. There was even dog poo on the ground beside the bin!”

Moira said the problem was purely down to lazy dog owners who failed to pick up after their pet.

Having contacted Aberdeenshire Council’s dog warden Alison Robertson, Moira was disappointed with her response.

“She said that unless you can identify any of the dog owners who have not picked up after their dogs there was little she could do.

“However, she has been in touch with the waste department and requested a clean-up of the areas concerned.”

A council spokesperson said: “The council introduced the Green Dog Walkers initiative two years ago and we are keen to promote it in Peterhead.

“Dog owners are asked to sign a pledge stating that they will clean up after their dog and offer bags to others.”