Anger after children’s garden damaged

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RESIDENTS of a Peterhead Home Zone are angry about the use of the neighbourhood as a thoroughfare after plants were stolen from a communal gardening project.

Children between the ages of 3 and seventeen spent the day tending the communal planters at Cooperage Square on Saturday May 28 only to find their work destroyed 2 days later.

Resident and mum of 3 Judi Gemmell (43) said that there was a problem with speeding cars and people using the Square as a short cut home after a night out in the town centre.

The Roanheads Planting Day was part of a larger Community Art Project funded by Tenants First.

Mum of 5 Carol-Anne Murphy (42) said: “The whole point of the Planting Day was to instil a sense of community. The kids were looking forward to going out after school to water them.”

Carol-Anne says the plants were still there when she went to bed at around 11.45 on Sunday night but were missing by morning.

Neighbourhood kids were devastated to find the plants gone when they went outside to play.

She said: “We want those responsible to realise that this was a children’s garden they ruined. They weren’t planted by the Council. The kids wanted their neighbourhood to look nice.”

When Carol-Anne and her family moved in three years ago, the new neighbourhood was advertised on posters as “your space.” A safe space for families.

She said it was upsetting to hear the kids complain that the space wasn’t really theirs.

Judi said that there was also come concern about cars using the paved square as a thoroughfare. She said that cars often sped through the residential area putting “mothers on edge” while their kids were out playing.

While there are signs that tell drivers and passers by that the area is a Home Zone, Judi says she doesn’t think people understand that it means to slow down and watch out for children.

One 3 year old was almost knocked down last week.

“They could use King Street instead,” says Judi, “ and now that the plants have been stolen as well we are getting fed up of people using Cooperage Square as a short cut.”