Airlift twins celebrate 16th birthday

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PETERHEAD identical twins Jessica and Bethany Buchan will celebrate their 16th birthday today (Tuesday), hoping that it’s a little less dramatic than when they arrived in the world on December 27, 1995.

The pair made an unexpected early arrival seven weeks earlier than planned, and with no room at the neo-natal unit at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital, an RAF helicopter had to be scrambled to take mum Karen to Bellshill Hospital near Glasgow.

The identical twins hit national headlines overnight.

The identical twins hit national headlines overnight.

The trip made the headlines in the local and national press as did the birth of Jessica at 1.41am, weighing just 3lb 10oz and Bethany at 1.43am, weighing 3lb 13oz.

Karen, who is a senior carer at Peterhead’s Wyndwell Carehome, told the Buchanie that she remembered the incident as if it were yesterday.

“I remember getting a big shock when I started going into labour so soon,” explained Karen.

“My husband Thomas drove me to Peterhead Cottage Hospital at around 6.30pm but then they told us that we would have to go to Glasgow because Aberdeen was full.

“Myself, Thomas, our family doctor Sir Lewis Ritchie, a midwife and an incubator were picked up by the helicopter which landed on the Links,” she said.

“I was a bit nervous when the helicopter was coming to pick us up, but everything went well.

“The flight to Bellshill took around two hours and we arrived just after midnight, with the girls born just over an hour later,” she added.

Jessica and Bethany will today celebrate their 16th birthday along with their parents, brother John Ross (29), sister Kelsie Louise (21) and family and friends at their home in Rose Avenue.

“Hopefully there will be no drama involved on this occasion!” added Karen.