Aden-een spooktacular delights thousands

Aden-een - The Shell Fireworks Parade 2014
Aden-een - The Shell Fireworks Parade 2014
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Over 5,000 visitors gathered at Aden Country Park, Mintlaw for this year’s Aden-een – The Shell Fireworks Parade 2014.

Crowds gathered from far and wide to enjoy the event on the warmest Halloween on record.

Aden-een - The Shell Fireworks Parade 2014

Aden-een - The Shell Fireworks Parade 2014

Now in its 5th year, The Shell Fireworks Parade brings together and engages hundreds of participants from across Aberdeenshire, giving young people real and transferable skills and experiences as they create routines, props and performances for the big event.

Over the years, the project has helped people into jobs, training and college courses.

It has encouraged hundreds of young people to engage in something positive and to gain accreditation for their achievements, and it has brought real personal and social benefits for participants and the community.

Martin Danziger, Creative Director at Modo, said: “The turnout on Friday was fantastic. At the heart of this event are the young people who put so much time, effort and enthusiasm into creating an event that the whole community can enjoy.

Would you take an apple from this woman?

Would you take an apple from this woman?

“While the event continues to grow and develop to accommodate increasing audience numbers, we are proud that the young people remain central and that so many turn out to support and enjoy their achievements.”

As they ventured in their thousands around the woods, the audience came across weird and wonderful groups of young people in very atmospheric 

There were Dragon

Defenders, Snow White and the Mirror Minions, Poison Apple Jugglers and the Seven(ish) Dwarves trying to revive a very dead-looking Snow White.

Over 300 young people in 18 groups from across North Aberdeenshire have been busy preparing for the event since September.

The three CircoModo Groups from Peterhead, Fraserburgh and Mintlaw all performed this year using fire swords and fire clubs.

Around 100 young people put on an impressive fire show, most performing for the first time, so doing their routines to an audience of thousands was such an exciting experience.

In addition to the young people this year, Modo were fortunate to work with the Mutiny Tribal Belly Dancers who transformed into the Cavorting Coven for the evening and the Aberdeen Firespinners who put on a dazzling fire display in the Fireworks Viewing Area.

The Courtyard was bustling with activity with Guarana Street Drummers and Cat in a Doocot treating the crowds to some lively music.

Face Painters from Central School PTA had a stream of customers as did 
the Food Vans.

Over 100 volunteers helped to support the event by stewarding, helping behind the scenes with the participants and setting up the performance areas.

Martin added: “Modo would like to thank everyone who contributed in so many ways, as well as the community for coming out in their thousands to support the talent of their local 
young people.

“This event could not happen without the support and funding that Shell provides, and with every year the evidence of the long term benefits that this project brings to young people and their community grows.

“We are hugely thankful for their support and belief in the event.”

Robert McGregor, Buchan area project officer said: “I am always impressed by the dedication, enthusiasm and confidence displayed by young people who get involved with Modo, to see young people put on such varied creative tableaus with the degree of skill and ingenuity is phenomenal.

“The abilities of Modo’s staff and volunteers, with partners, to organise and deliver such large high quality public events and do so smoothly, safely and professionally are there for all to see and it is a great privilege to be part of such enjoyable events that make such an impact both on individuals and on the cultural scene 
in Aberdeenshire.”