Aberdeenshire Council slammed over latest refuse collection policy

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ABERDEENSHIRE Council should rethink its rubbish collection policies, says a Peterhead resident.

Retired builder Allen Rafferty says that new plans to limit the amount of rubbish collected is “ridiculous” and that the local authority should look into a complete overhaul of the current refuse and recycling system.

Aberdeenshire Council recently announced that refuse collectors will leave overflowing wheelie bins and excess rubbish at the road side from September 5.

Having lived at his Broad Street flat for more than 30 years, Mr Rafferty (68) has had several problems over the years with his rubbish and recycling collection.

He told the Buchanie: “When the council introduced the black boxes for recycling, I thought it was a great idea.

“I was 110 percent behind it - I’d collect all the plastics and glass and leave them out for collection.”

But Mr Rafferty said that the system was not well thought through as Broad Street is the widest street in Peterhead - and the windiest.

“The first time I put my box out to be collected, it took me three and a half days to find it. I eventually found it all the way down near the harbour. The second time it took me a day and a half to find it,” he said.

A bag intended for recycled paper also went missing.

“The council posted me a new one but it was so much hassle,” continued Mr Rafferty, “ that I started taking my recycling to supermarket bins instead.”

Mr Rafferty, who lives on the upper level of a Broad Street close, asked refuse and recycling collectors to put his wheelie bin and plastic box inside his street level door after they had emptied it to stop them blowing away, but they refused.

He adds that he has often witnessed bus drivers having to get out and move bins - both full and empty - that have blown on to the road.

Mr Rafferty said that all of his neighbours were keen to get involved in recycling and used to put their black bins out for collection every fortnight.

“Now you’ll see that there are none out on collection days,” he says. “Everyone is having the same problem.”

The pensioner, who often has trouble carrying the plastic recycling bin up and down the stairs that lead to his flat, says that Aberdeenshire Council should scrap individual household bins all together.

He said: “What’s wrong with having a communal bin in each street? People could put their excess rubbish and recycling in that and there would be no chance of them blowing away. It would make things easier for the collectors too.”

Mr Rafferty suggests that a site on Broad Street, which was previously a public toilet until it was demolished, could be used for communal bins.

He added: “There is the space for communal bins. I for one would use them. It’s getting out of hand and we just have to do what we’re told.

“First they tell us they won’t take bins that aren’t facing the right direction, now they won’t take bins that are open. Next the binmen will be arriving in suits and ties. Some idiot is sitting there in an office being paid all this money to come up with these new ideas about reducing waste but they don’t think it through.

“They don’t listen to the public and they are doing nothing to help people. It’s ridiculous.”