A panic budget that does nothing for the poor

The pensioners I spoke to last week, shortly after George Osborne’s budget far from praising the chancellor, were in the main asking what crock of gold?

The notion that all older people have been savers all their lives is in my opinion a myth. Most of the latter years in work for many people were in fact spent keeping up with the ever-escalating cost of living, apart from a few who were so well heeled nothing would have rocked their complacent existence. The rich will always be with us, as indeed will the poor who in fact are the ones that this budget did nothing for, and not for the first time.

In reality this was a panic budget, based on the real fear that this out-of-touch government will be no more come the next general election.

As an older person I can only view in horror the shameful neglect of our young people by a chancellor who has spent the last four years in office, continually reminding us of the mess the last administration left. It just won’t wash, as Mr Osborne will discover next year to his cost.

A sure sign that the current one knows it has missed the mark by a mile. Announcing a budget for the privileged has I suspect done very little for the No lobby in the Scottish referendum debate who, like me, will have viewed the appalling neglect of all issues north of Watford.

Interestingly, the obsession the London-based government has with fending off UKIP has also clouded the vision of a tired weary government. At least here in Scotland we do not have the same threat hanging over us, making for a very interesting run in to the referendum vote on September.

To all those pensioners sitting on big lump sums I would warn of the financial vultures who are hovering looking for easy pickings, though I am more concerned that the incoming government will more actively promote job creation among the young.

To read the popular press, mainly right wing it has to be said, you would think the only issue of any concern is in ensuring that our well-off pensioners are well protected as they enter the late years of their lives and able to enjoy a dram in the process.

Finally, it worries me greatly that one of the major bus providers in the North-east is likely to press ahead with its changes to services in the area, including taking off the 65 service which operates around Ellon. On a daily basis I am canvanssed by users of the excellent service who fear for its existence.

For your information Stagecoach intends to replace the popular and well-used service with a bus which will not only go around Ellon but head for Aberdeen.

On the face of it all very good, except the proposed 62 bus is a big one and will have difficulty negotiating the housing schemes in the town and therefore unable to keep to its scheduled timetable, something the current bus does with ease.

Introducing a failed service is no solution. Think again Stagecoach, you will win many friends should you be seen to listen to your customers, and act accordingly.