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The Prince's Trust
The Prince's Trust
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“Give us 12 weeks of your life and by the end of this time, we will have helped you turn your life around, gained qualifications, boosted your motivation and self-confidence, taken part in community activity and are ready to be a credit to yourself, friends and family.”

This is not a meaningless sound-bite for some new product, but a genuine invitation to those between 16-25 years old, lacking in confidence, poor qualifications leading to unemployment or crime to join the Prince’s Trust Team Programme.

During that time a definitive effort will be made to help you gain all these things.

Members of Peterhead Probus Club welcomed Brian McKay, Prince’s Trust co-ordinator, to the recent meeting in the Palace Hotel.

A Buchanhaven loon, Brian left school, went south for seven years before returning to this area, and is now co-ordinating Team Programmes in the Aberdeen, Peterhead and Fraserburgh areas.

Without visual aids, Brian outlined the details of the Team Programme from start to finish within a typical 12-week block.

The majority of young people have positive destinations by the time they reach 16, either employment, further education by staying on at school, or college-based courses.

But what happens to the minority who feel no sense of worth, lack confidence, avoided both primary and secondary school and have no motivation whatsoever to enter the world of employment?

The whole approach is ‘You can do it!’

From day one, in a group of 15 people, goals are set out in which a young person will develop the skills of co-operation, communication and trust through outdoor experiences, community projects, developing a CV, mock interviews, job placement and finally, most daunting of all, delivering a presentation with your team to an invited audience.

Brian admitted that this programme does not work for everyone, but in the Peterhead area enjoys a high success rate, becoming motivated towards jobs and community activities.

Youngsters leave the programme with a sense of pride, self-worth and confidence to be able to tackle anything life should throw at them.

This is not done without a great deal of planning and hard work on the part of Brian and a volunteer assistant in the delivery and success of these programmes and, indeed, Brian showed what can be done with the right motivation and truly deserves the title, ‘Mr Motivator’!

The vote of thanks was given by Alex Durno, who thanked Brian for taking time out and his engaging presentation.

The next meeting takes place today (Tuesday), at the town’s Palace Hotel at 10am with the speaker being Vinay Ruparelia, Books Abroad.