Unseen pictures on show at Buchanhaven

Line painters at work in Peterhead's Broad Street in years gone by
Line painters at work in Peterhead's Broad Street in years gone by

The Buchanhaven Heritage Society will be hosting its latest exhibition on Saturday, December 7, between 12noon and 4pm at the Buchanhaven Community Centre.

There will be a wide selection of unseen photographs of the town from a time long gone, some new artefacts recently handed in and, of course, a selection of ‘fine pieces’ to have with your tea while enjoying the exhibition with friends and relatives.

Following a review period, the society was pleased to identify all of its aims and objectives have been met following on from their Planning for Real event in May 2012.

However, never a team to sit back, it is now looking at fresh challenges and further community development, while building on the most important part “community wishes”.

In addition to events and exhibitions, 2014 looks set to see significant changes in the area as new flower baskets and tubs are delivered and, as in past years, cared for by the local community groups in the centre and harbour area.

Other exciting changes include a large arts, crafts and performing arts event being planned for early in the year, the potential for a visit by a travelling cinema to show local interest films and work is also progressing in relation to the memory of those lost in the First World War and some special events to celebrate the Year of the Homecoming.

Society chair Alex Geddes said: “There has been significant behind the scenes work carried out by the team these past few months to ensure Buchanhaven is a prime spot for visitors in 2014.

“The recent visit to Carigewan Sands by sand artist Dougie Bogie demonstrated how serious the society is about bringing different events and exhibitions to the area. These events not only benefit the local community financially, but it brings the community together as a whole and as a not for profit organisation it ensures any money raised goes back to where it belongs and that is enhancing the look of the area based on the community action plan. We look forward to welcoming friends and relatives both locally and from afar next year and hope everyone enjoys visiting the centre which is now the real heart of Buchanhaven.”