Probus stay onside with Nat and Jim

Peterhead manager Jim McInally
Peterhead manager Jim McInally

The key concepts of ‘good habits, discipline, hardwork and teamwork’ are essential in daily life, community life and, most of all, in all sporting activities.

Skills in all sports have to be learned and practised over and over again if one is to progress to any recognised level or to be able to thoroughly enjoy the sport for its own sake!

In an age of smartphones and seemingly instant rewards, it is difficult to inculcate youngsters to accept that recognition only comes through repetitive hard work.

At the recent meeting of Probus in the Palace Hotel guest speakers were Nat Porter, general manager of Peterhead FC and team manager Jim McInally.

This proved to be one of those rare occasions in which invited speakers spoke ‘from the heart’ about something in which they felt true passion and the belief that progress in Peterhead FC would be forthcoming, given time, patience, and continuing hardwork.

Peterhead loon Nat Porter outlined his personal career, his footballing highlights and the highs and lows of Peterhead FC from their beginnings up to 2014.

Nat introduced Jim McInally, who took members on a personal journey of a career associated with Scottish football with clubs such as Celtic, Nottingham Forest, Coventry City, Dundee United, Raith Rovers, Dundee, Sligo Rovers and East Fife.

Mention was made of his Scottish international career and his management career with Sligo Rovers FC, taking charge of Morton and East Stirlingshire before coming north to Peterhead.

At each stage of Jim’s career, members were given brief ‘behind-the-scenes’ glimpses of the reality of football teams and managers,who, in turn, have had an effect on Jim’s managerial and coaching approaches to the game.

Both men fielded many questions ranging from hospitality, increasing games support, developing coaching at all levels, increasing use of technology and future success.

Members expressed their thanks to both men and wished them well for the rest of the footballing season.

Probus meets again on Tuesday, January 28 at 12noon in the Palace Hotel, with its Burns Lunch and guest speaker, Billy Summers.