Photo call for 2012 Buchan Queen

BUCHAN Queen Kayleigh Ritchie has been a member of the Peterhead Photography Club for two years.

Thursday, 26th July 2012, 6:00 am

As part of the series of profile we are doing on their members we thought what better week to profile Kayleigh, then Scottish Week itself.

Kayleigh (19) is about to start studying business at Robert Gordons University. She went to Peterhead Academy and just completed an HND in photography this year.

She told the BUchanie why she joined the club, she said:“I was at college doing my HND in photography and thought it would be a good idea to meet with other photographers to see how they work.”

“I love getting feedback on my own photographs as it allows me to find out how others see my work.”

She told us when her passion for photography started: “I remember being in London when I was 9 years old with the canon film camera I got for my birthday that year, we were in Hyde Park and I started photographing the squirrels, from that moment I knew I wanted to be a photographer.”

“Fashion and wildlife are my two favourite subjects. I love working with people and animals as I feel they create the most interesting subject matter.”

“When I started college I began looking at other photographers work, one of my main fashion photography inspirations is Jurgen Teller as his fashion work is so different from what we normally see. National Geographic Magazine is what inspires my wildlife work as it contains such beautiful and amazing work.”

“My favourite photograph is one of the black and white shots taken of Twiggy when she was only 16 by Barry Lategan as this photograph has inspired me in one of my own fashion shoots. My favourite photograph of my own in one that I took in Tanzania a few years ago of a little boy and his mum, both with very distanced looks on their faces, standing in the doorway of one of the village huts.”

Kayleighs favourite camera kit: “The Canon 7D and a 28-135mm lens and my favourite lens is 28-135mm lens as its best for portraits.”