Peterhead's Wimpy Bar opens on Marischal Street for the first time

Do you remember when the first fast-food restaurant opened its doors in Peterhead? It was in August, 1967 and there was a certain excitement as the Blue Toon said hello to The Wimpy.

Tuesday, 4th April 2017, 10:49 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:56 pm
The popular restaurant was open until 11pm daily as was advertised in the Buchan Observer back in 1967.

What is a Wimpy?

This question sprang to mind when the Wimpy Bar opened in Marischal Street yesterday.

Well, a wimpy is simply a large juicy steakburger, the main item on Peterhead’s Wimpy Bar menu.

It can be bought between the hours of 9am and 11pm daily and it only takes a few seconds to have it cooked to perfection.

Time-saving is one of the key factors of the rising popularity of the Wimpy Bar all over the country and Peterhead’s is no exception, under the directorship of Messrs McDonald.

Food supplies for the Wimpy Bar come direct from Wimpy headquarters in a refrigerated van.

After reaching the town they are stored in the Bar’s deep freeze until ready for cooking.

It only takes Mr Michael Easson, at the Wimpy, a few seconds to cook the individually wrapped portions so this is one of the most hygienic methods of food preparation practiced today.

With the help of his assistant and four waitresses Mr Easson can keep up a steady supply from his grill-plate, cutting out waiting to a minimum.

Peterhead-born Mr Easson has recently been working in Manchester previous to spening a week’s initial training at Fraserburgh’s Wimpy Bar.

But Wimpy is only one of the delicious dishes on the menu.

The customers are splendidly catered for whether it’s teenagers ordering a bottle of Fanta and a packet of crisps or someone tucking into a three-course meal.

Shanty fish fillet served with lemon and crisp lettuce should prove a popular alternative to the Wimpy.

There is also a varied selection.

There is a large selection of mouth-watering grills on the menu, followed by a list of pastries including apple pie, chocolate eclair and American donut ring.

If the food is first class it is only in keeping with the decor of this up-to-date establishment.

Contracted by local firms the Wimpy Bar should prove one of the most popular eating places in the town.

Scrupulously clean, the comfy surroundings and eye-catching decor make it a credit to the local craftsmen who have put so much skill into its construction.

With a seating capacity for about 50, the dining space measures approximately 27ft x 13ft.

The seating accommodation is arranged in the shape of a ‘U’ running along three sides of the room towards the rear of the building.

At the fourth end of the room is built the counter where the waitresses prepare the meals.

Behind that is the actual cooking area.

With this arrangement the customer can actually see his meal being cooked and served.

This cooking-space contains the most modern electrical appliances, such as toasters, the grill, refrigerators and the coffee machine, to mention only a few.

The comfy padded seats in black ambia are in sharp contrast to the spotless blue and white formica-topped tables.

The olive green and buff linoleum tiles on the floor are stiletto heel proof.

The room is lit by concealed lighting set into the fissured ceiling tiles and by the light streaming from the huge front window.

Another interesting feature of the bar is the series of brightly coloured photographs hung over the counter allowing customers to see what they are about to order.