Peterhead Lifeboat talk for Probus Club

Peterhead Lifeboat was called out 11 times in 2013 - rescuing six people
Peterhead Lifeboat was called out 11 times in 2013 - rescuing six people

Something for nothing! Where in the world can this be true?

When you are facing a Force 5 gale, with no engine and rudder or your engine has run out of fuel or your jet-ski has died on you or you have fallen down cliffs off the coast of Buchan, the most welcome sight on earth to you at this time is the appearance of Peterhead lifeboat coming to your rescue at no cost to you whatsoever.

Peterhead Probus Club welcomed David Anderson, press officer for the Peterhead Lifeboat, to the recent meeting in the Palace Hotel.

After volunteering to look after the Peterhead Lifeboat website, with no previous experience of media work, David found himself appointed to the post of press officer.

The RNLI has a simple philosophy - to save lives at sea and, in doing so, makes no charge and makes no comment about the rescue.

However, this involves a full-time engineer and a crew of up to 26 volunteers, a lifeboat costing £2.6 million in 2006, ongoing fundraising efforts and the famous lifeboat tins distributed throughout the shops and pubs in the Buchan area.

The Tamar lifeboat in Peterhead depended on the huge generosity of the Misses Robertsons of Kintail upon whom so many saved at sea have grateful thanks.

With the aid of video clips taken at the scene of rescues, David highlighted the many differing tasks undertaken by the lifeboat crew from training within the harbour area, being involved in helicopter training, searching for bodies at sea, recovering seismic buoys and other debris, as well as towing yachts in distress into harbour.

The age range for crew members is 17 to 55, who must be in good physical shape.

Most of them have no marine background, but give their time freely on call and for training once a week.

David proved himself to be an excellent spokesman for Peterhead lifeboat, pitching the need for continuing volunteers, both as crew members and in fund-raising, without which the service provided would no longer exist.

Next time you see a model lifeboat on a counter, put more than a few coppers in – you are helping to save lives!

In proposing a vote of thanks to David, John Grant thanked him for his excellent presentation and taking time out to talk to Probus.

The next meeting takes place on Tuesday, March 25 at the Palace Hotel at 10am with the speaker being Brian McKay of the Princes Trust.