Mintlaw Cubs thanked for effort

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On Monday, February 27, Mairi Davidson and Chloe Milne from the Ellon Rebuild team, accepted a cheque for £250 and the proceeds from money boxes from Mintlaw Cubs at Mintlaw Academy.

Mintlaw Cubs have worked tirelessly to raise money to help a group of young people go to Mexico over Easter 2012.

They intend travelling there to be part of a team of people who will build a home for someone who is less fortunate than themselves.

More than 800,000 Mexican families lack a basic, secure place to live and this trip is designed to provide practical help to the people in Mexico while creating cross cultural understanding for the young people through direct exposure to the Mexican culture.

The community where they will be working does not have sewer, water or electricity available (for the most part).

While sleeping in tents and having very basic amenities, they will build a home from scratch which will then be handed over to a family to be their new home.

The goal of the project is to encourage the group to understand the reality of poverty through participation, so that the young people can then make a difference in their own neighbourhoods and communities.

Thanks to the Mintlaw Cubs generosity the group has just exceeded the £7,000 it needed to raise for the trip. This will pay for flights, living costs and some of materials needed for the building.

Mairi and Chloe thanked the cubs for their generosity and hard work.

Chloe said: “The Cubs did a bag pack at Asda on Hogmanay to raise money for us which was really kind and then they decorated money boxes and filled them with coins. It was a lovely thing to do and a lot of hard work”

Mairi added: “We had to judge the best decorated money box and it was so hard. The cubs all did a brilliant job and we were proud to be with them tonight.

“They asked us some really good questions about the work we will do in Mexico and some of the things we will face when we’re there.

We’re looking forward to coming back after Easter to tell them all about the trip, hopefully with some pictures to show them the house we build”.

The group thanked everyone who helped raise money over the last ten months.