Longside couple come out top in garden battle

The winners of this year's Longside garden competition with their trophies.
The winners of this year's Longside garden competition with their trophies.

The green-fingered folk of Longside battled it out yet again in this year’s village garden competition.

The excellent summer weather meant there was stiff competition for top prizes this year, with beautiful gardens abundant in colour and scent.

The prize for the best all-year round garden went to Mr and Mrs Bryce of 2 Station Terrace, with Mrs Joyce Brown of Main Street taking the runner-up spot.

Mr and Mrs Fitzpatrick of Ivy cottage, Laburnum Lane, were judged to have this year’s best cottage garden.

Runners-up were Mr and Mrs Buchan of Churc Lane.

In the best container garden category, Mr and Mrs Buchan of Pentland, Station Terrace, came first, with Mr and Mrs Hutchison of Coopers Brae in runner-up spot.

Taking top honours in the vegetable garden category was Mrs Sime, Allotment, Station Terrace, with Mr and Mrs Sarson of 7 Station Terrace in runner-up spot.

In the gardens under ten years-old category, there were joint winners, with Mrs Christine Gray of 8 Fleeman Crescent and Mr and Mrs Donald Mutch of 2 Smith Lane tied for the top spot.

There were also joint winners of the established, medium decorative garden in Mr and Mrs Laird of 1 Station Road and Mr B. Milne of 3 Station Road.

This year’s Longside School prize went to Mr and Mrs Colin Henderson of Station Road.

The overall runners-up this year were Mr and Mrs Hetherington of 1 Fleeman Way, while the overall winner of the best garden 2013 were George and Irene Irvine of Morven, Station Road.

The organisers have expressed thanks to all residents who took part in this year’s competition.