Delgatie Castle Trout Fishing

The past week has been reasonably settled weather wise, although we have noticed a drop in the temperature and although there is still evident a lot of movement on the surface, it has proven almost impossible to contact these fish with dry fly although buzzers at mid water depth have continued to lead to good catches.

The main end tackle this week have been various lures with the WSW, particularly in olive colours, proving once again to be a most attractive lure. The fish seemed to find lures attractive if fished at speed through the mid water regions.

The best recorded catches this week fell to: A Gibson, Gardenstown, 12 fish, (WSW and other lures); G Ellington, Ellon, 12 fish, (buzzers); C Merrilees, Aberdeen, 11 fish, (WSW); S McLean, Fraserburgh, 9 fish, (olive WSW); A Murray, Gardenstown, 9 fish, (black frtiz); S Paterson, Aberdeen, 8 fish, (WSW); I Burnett, Fraserburgh, 8 fish (WSW, cat’s whiskers); N Thomson, Turriff, 7 fish, (buzzers),

Sunday saw the first serious rainfall and following a night of torrential rain on Saturday, water levels were overflowing on Sunday morning.

Next week is also predicted for lower temperatures and lure fishing will probably be the order of the day for the next week.

Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery is a Troutwater water and is open seven days from 8am til 4.30pm or as light permits.

Visitors and learners are welcome and booking is not necessary.

Boats (where required), rods and tackle is available for hire at the fishery.

For further information phone Bob on 07980 999 006.